How it works

Approach: write once

We aim to solve the problem most DApp developers face: the data their smart contracts produce is buried in transaction inputs and events scattered in blocks. These data need to be gathered, parsed and interpreted for analysis (think an up-to-date TVL) and, finally, presented to the end users.

This problem is often solved by an indexer, a service that listens to blockchain events, decodes and persists the emitted data. The code to interpret events is usually written by the DApp developers themselves and run by third parties, sometimes in a decentralized manner.

While this multi-step approach gets the job done, it requires development effort better spent on the DApp itself, and creates friction between the many parts of the process.

Our approach is a centralised service offering already decoded and normalized data ready for consumption and interpretation. We run one process to gather data from blockchains, decode it and persist in a relational database; there is no other secondary indexing or parsing. Once in the database, the data are already indexed and available for querying with SQL and GraphQL. Developers can use the up-to-date data right away without the need to write extra code, run multiple processes or involve third party indexers.